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Ongoing Improvements In Beta:

Our commitment to providing you with the best experience is ongoing. As we're still in beta, we're actively working to enhance features, refine the platform, and fine-tune our discover engine. Your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping the future of our service. If you have suggestions or want to actively contribute to our improvement efforts, feel free to email us at tobi@wisnots.de. Rest assured, every day brings new improvements as we continue to work towards delivering a seamless and top-notch platform.


WISNOTS is on a mission to revolutionize how we discover cool things on the internet. We've created a tag system that lets you connect and explore content from different platforms. By adding your favorite content and linking it to what others share, we're building a whole new internet where everyone can find interesting stuff.

Why your role matters?
You're a key player! Your role is to share what you love and organize it into categories. This human touch helps our system link your content with similar cool stuff from other users. It's like building a library where everything is organized by people like you. Plus, a neat perk is that you're saving this awesome content for yourself!

Our Goal
We're on a journey to simplify and make discovering the world's content more interesting. Think of it as creating a space where everything is wonderfully easy to discover. But hey, we're just getting started, and we need your help to make it even better. Join us on this adventure! ;)

How WISNOTS Organizes Content?

At WISNOTS, we take a unique approach to organize content that involves the entire community. It's not just us—it's everyone coming together to shape the way content is presented.

Your Role in Shaping Content
You're a crucial piece of this collaborative effort! When you contribute by categorizing content, you play a key role in connecting similar interests across the community. It's like each person adds a unique piece to a grand puzzle, creating something complete and special.

The Significance of Community:
In this shared endeavor, we're creating a space where content is organized by the real people who enjoy it, making the internet more personal. Think of it as a community-driven library, where your unique perspective adds to the diversity, engagement, and genuine reflection of everyone's interests.